About Ebisu Ryokan

Our Concept

Ebisu Ryokan is newly opened in March 2015 in the old imperial capital of Kyoto, where traditional Japanese culture is still very much alive and breathing. We have chosen to name our first Ryokan after Ebisu, one of the Seven Lucky Gods (shichifukujin) and deity of good fortune and safe journeys. Ebisu is also the only one among the Seven to be native to Japan.

Legend has it that it was thanks to the protection of the deity that Buddhist monk Myoan Eisai was able to return safely to Japan after his travels in China and establish the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism. Ever since, Ebisu has come to be associated with long journeys and safe travels. It is our wish to welcome fellow travelers from all around the world in a relaxing and soothing atmosphere while benefiting of the convenience of the Inn’s great proximity to Kyoto Station.

We believe that our omotenashi spirit, together with Ebisu’ good auspices, will make your stay in the ancient capital an unforgettable one.